Friday, 18 October 2013

The bedroom window

I know that yesterday I wrote that the kitchen window was a bit plain and without much of a view. Still, compared to the one in my bedroom, that view is amazing. This is due to the simple fact that my bedroom has no view. I mean, if there's a window, there's a view, but the only thing I see is the next building on the other side of a narrow alley. 
Now this seems boring, right? And for more than one month from the time I moved into this new house, I thought that was the most boring window in the world. But this changed on a night a couple of weeks ago... Now it's the time for those of you who think that only perverts peep at their neighbours to stop reading this post so you don't think of me as a pervert.
So, this was the night from Saturday to Sunday. I woke up a bit after 4 am in need of a visit to the loo. When I went back to bed, I could hear house music from the street. Now, there is no bar or club near my house, so I thought it strange and went to the window to check what it was. As soon as I opened the window, I realized where the music was coming from: the neighbour from across the alley. 
The neighbour was a 20-30 years old guy wearing nothing but black boxer briefs and dancing in his room. Dancing a sort of strip-tease dancer or something. Politically correctness would advise me to call it exotic dance but I didn't find it exotic, just absolutely hilarious! So I, who wanted to go back to sleep, laughed so much that lost all the sleep I had and spent the rest of the night watching episodes of "how I met your mother". 
Well, to be fair to my neighbour, I laughed because I thought it completely crazy for a guy to be dancing alone in his room at 4 am on a Saturday night (they invented disco-clubs for that). But when I was laughing, I realized that there was a girl with him in the room and I stopped laughing... Somehow this seemed less funny and more of a national geographic sort of thing: "the male human dances to show his physical prowess and attract the female." This means that my neighbour is not completely crazy. He just deserves to be part of some human life documentary by Sir David Attenborough.
Well, one good thing came out of the rest of the night watching "how I met your mother". I stopped thinking that my bedroom window was the most boring window on the face of the earth. But now I will certainly never open it again when I hear music in the middle of the night. After all, a PhD student needs more to sleep than to watch American TV shows. 

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