Saturday, 19 October 2013

Polish adventures

Next to my house I have a wee Polish food shop. Sometimes I go there to buy bread and I end up being adventurous and buying something else. Why adventurous? Because everything is written in Polish and I can only vaguely imagine what I'm buying.
Today I decided to buy something that looked like a pate. At least it was certainly something to put in the bread because there was a picture of the thing spread over a loaf of bread. The thing was called Smalec z ogorkiem malosolnym. This sounded like an innocent enough name, right? Well, not really... The thing is almost pure lard! That exotic people from across the iron wall spreads lard in the bread!
Now, I can't exactly say that I loved it at first bite. However, I'm not the sort of person who throws away food which means that by the end of the jar, I will probably be a fan of spreading lard in bread. And I will have gained a few extra kilos as well...
Joys of being adventurous!

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