Wednesday, 30 October 2013

How many days?

In the post office, after posting a registered letter to Singapore the lad behind the counter tells me:
- Forty five days to arrive.
I, obviously surprised, answered with shock in my voice:
- Forty five days to arrive!!!
The lad replies:
- Forty five days to arrive.
No wanting to believe this outrageous number, I reply:
- One month and half for a letter to arrive in a city that has daily flights from London! In that case I don't want to send it from here! Give me back the letter!
Given that tomorrow I'm flying home, I intended to send the letter from there. I'm sure our postal service would be more efficient than 45 days with the royal mail. The lad decided to speak really slowly:
- T h e - l e t t e r - w i l l - t a k e - f o u r - t o - f i v e - d a y s - t o - a r r i v e.
- Ahhhh! - I replied with relief - Why didn't you say: "the letter will take between four and five days to arrive" in the first place then? Are you afraid of using extra words? It wouldn't stress your vocal cords too much, you know?
Mental note: I won't use that post again!

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