Monday, 8 October 2012

Weddings in Scotland

One thing I used to love about living in Macau was to see couples taking their wedding photos in the streets. It's a very common sight anywhere in the historical parts of town to see couples dressed up taking photos with their best-men and mades-of-honour waiting and attending to them. I thought that was something I wasn't going to see until I could visit Macau again. I was wrong!
Apparently in Scotland they do the same! Now, in China what they do is they take all these pictures BEFORE the wedding. That has at least two obvious advantages. The first is that guests can already see the wedding album on the wedding day, which is quite convenient. The second is that in the wedding day, couples only take pictures with guests, not making everyone wait for them.

Here in Scotland, they wander off from the ceremony, like this couple I saw in Holyrood this weekend. This probably means that all guests are waiting for them and getting bored to death. This also probably means that most guests will never get to see the pictures... Well, lets not be pessimistic, this is facebook's century.

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