Thursday, 18 September 2014

Here I go... For the UK!

So today is the big day... Everyone in the world has their eyes on Scotland. Yes, I know that, I just spent one hour reading what they're writing about us. It may seem like an exercise of procrastination but that's just because that's exactly it! But at the same time, how can anyone just be cool about it? k
Basically we’re deciding today if we should destroy the United Kingdom. It’s a huge decision! And I’m sorry if this sounds catastrophic but that’s exactly what it is… It’s destroying the UK. The UK itself was born out of the union of England and Scotland. And the nationalists can say whatever they want and invent historical “truths” (that are nothing but lies) but these two countries together did very well in the past three centuries. Including the first Western style Democracy in the world with rule of law, parliamentary representation of the tax payers, respect for human rights, etc..
Scotland could do well alone? Yes, I thing it could. Not as well as in the union but still well… And could England do well alone? Same answer. Now the United Kingdom, that one would collapse.
I know I’m not British, I know I've only been here for two years and am not sure if I’m going to stay here for the rest of my life. But I've always admired this country so my vote is going for its continuity. To the United Kingdom! And here I go to the voting station… Wearing blue and red!

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