Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The Canny Mans

I heard from many people wiser than myself that living in Scotland would mean getting to know its pubs. Well, I humbly accepted this suggestion and yesterday I went for a drink in the Canny Mans. And was I happy to do so!
Entering the Canny Mans, is like entering a very cool museum. The pub is full of collections of everything one can imagine: postcards, pictures, keys, guns, memorabilia of the wars, etc.. The entire decoration is amazing, and I strongly suggest a tour around the pub.
Outside there´s a nice garden where smokers can head for their nasty habit. For the cold nights, customers can take one of the blankets at the door. 
It's suppose to have a great collection of whiskeys but I don't like whiskey so I can't testify it for myself (maybe I should remain anonymous so a mob of Scots don't attack me on the street after this confession). Instead I ordered a very good beer. I thought it was not cold enough but my friend, wiser than me on the subject, told me that that was the way experts drink beer. I've been drinking and enjoying beer for, at least, 17 years and always enjoyed really cold beer: I guess it's time to change habits...
One last thing: the entrance can be a bit threatening. It was a warning saying "No Smoking, No Backpackers, No photographs...". But don't let this intimidate you. Just don't decide to wear shorts and flip-flops to the place. Not that the Edinburgh weather invites to that, But I never know...

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