Wednesday, 21 May 2014

European elections

So, the date for the elections in the UK is tomorrow, right? This question in the end of my previous sentence comes from a certain doubt as to the fact presented before. Is it really tomorrow that we're going to have an election in this country?
The reason for this doubt is that I see nothing on the streets: no billboards, no posters, no people giving out leaflets... Nothing! Also, I was told that in the UK candidates would knock at people's doors. Well, not this person's (I'll need to check this last statement with my flatmates, though)!
Do people here know how important the European Parliament is in our daily lives?
- Right now, a vast majority of EU's legislation needs approval by the EP;
- It is up to the Commission to start the legislative procedure but it's the EP that elects the President of the Commission and approves all the members chosen by him/her;
- The EP also votes on the budget of the EU, which is certainly something that has some influence in our pockets.
Now, there are quite a few different alternative parties in the UK and they mostly disagree on a huge lot of issues related to the EU. So why this apathy when it comes to these elections?


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