Thursday, 4 April 2013

Climate refugee

There is one thing that I never shared in this blog: I'm almost a climate refugee. 
I was living in Macau for five years and those were five long and painful years due to the inhuman and degrading treatment I received down there. During an average of 8 out of 12 months of the year I would start sweating as soon as I ventured three steps outside home. It had become perfectly normal to see me walking around with my shirt dripping and my hair glued to my face. Face which, by the way, was always as shiny as a turkey in Christmas! If this isn't inhuman and degrading treatment, I don't know what is... For me and for all those who had to bear this sight!
The government of Macau clearly failed to fulfill its positive obligation to build a gigantic greenhouse over the city with super-power ACs working day and night. Only this could provide the city with the necessary protection to human rights of its inhabitants and visitors.
Now, today my climatic traumas were revived. I left home wearing a sleeveless jacket at 7.30 am and still I arrived in the gym sweating almost as much as I used to in Macau. Is this possible in a civilized country under the rule of law?! Is UK not supposed to be the cradle of modern democracy? To whom can I appeal of this approaching inferno? Holyrood? Westminster? Buckingham? Strasbourg?
Who can bring me back the snow?

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  1. as if i can hear your voice as reading it haha it's chilly still in korea like late winter! kinda envy for the sizzling (?) weather there!